Facts About Traits 1 Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the exciting news long-awaited married couples. No wonder so many want to know as soon as possible, namely by trying to pay attention to the characteristics of 1 week of pregnancy. One week pregnant characteristics can not be seen or felt. Generally, the symptoms of pregnancy will begin when a person is late for menstruation, which is around the fourth week of pregnancy. At that time, some women will feel stomach cramps and blood spots, followed by nausea, vomiting, and other early pregnancy symptoms in the following weeks. Calculation of Pregnancy If the pregnancy is counted for 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period (HPHT), then a woman has not really become pregnant in the first week. New pregnancy occurs at the end of the 2nd week or the beginning of the 3rd week, depending on the fertility or ovulation. At ovulation, the ovary releases an egg which moves towards the fallopian tube. To get a pregnancy, the egg must meet the sperm in the
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